Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Manifesto

Before real blogging starts next week (next year sounds more dramatic) I will attempt to share with you my motivations and try to explain why I'm doing this.

Fifteen years ago, as a 22 year old student, I got involved in protests against Milosevic regime and later in Otpor. Strange things happened to me, there was trouble, but also there was joy. I made some tough decisions and sometimes I was shooting from the hip and then had to deal with unintended consequences. I had to work with people I didn't like and didn't spend enough time with people I loved.

Then the victory came, but soon the victory itself became a burden as its fruits started to rot and popularity came back to haunt me. And I was changed too by the change I helped bring about. Over time I became addicted to the Movement, but the revolution was over and I needed to get a life, which took some time. Even today, almost twelve years later, Otpor is still a big part of who I am, and that's not always a good thing, although usually it is.

There is a lot of literature out there that will tell you what to expect and what to do when you decide to go down this road. It will tell you how to do plan your moves, how to manage your resources, how to organize. But it will not tell you what will happen to you as a person. I will try to do that, starting next week.

Because of the delicate nature of this blog the comments will be moderated. I will look at them when I'm online and publish them if they contribute to discussion. This blog is not for Serbian readers only, so comments in Serbo-Croatian will not be published. I hope you understand.

Happy New year!


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