Friday, March 16, 2012

Fifteen years ago

It was a sunny day in March 1997 when I transcended, together with my friend Manda, from the physical into the metaphysical world. Before we stepped into the twilight zone, Manda turned around and shouted:

"Mechanics, where are you!?"

"Here we are!", shouted back students of Mechanical Engineering, few hundred of them, occupying the street and the sidewalk in front of the agency "Star Eye", owned by Clairvoyant Branka, a famous Belgrade psychic. As soon as we entered the premises of the agency, the staff told us that Clairvoyant Branka will receive us immediately. The waiting room was filled with about twenty people, mostly elderly women, who were waiting for the prophetess. Regular checkup costed 50 Deutchemarks, special 100, but we got a free session. "Patients" in the waiting room were looking at the two of us and whispering to each other:

"These are the students, they are protesting for months. What are they doing here?"