Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Manifesto

Before real blogging starts next week (next year sounds more dramatic) I will attempt to share with you my motivations and try to explain why I'm doing this.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Promise Kept

I promised five years ago I would start blogging today. But that was five years ago, blogging was still cool back then. It was at the time the best way to connect with people, there were no social media. Today you can hear people saying things like "Facebook activism" or "Twitter revolution", they hardly mention blogs anymore, but I guess a retired revolutionary can use something as outdated as a blog to write about the good old days, comment on contemporary uprisings and give away few tricks of the trade.

In a year the world will end, the Mayans said so, that's why I need to cover everything (or at least the important stuff) by then. This should be around fifty posts, so I'll be posting once a week. But don't expect this to be another 50 Crucial Points, rather something like 3 Easy Steps:

But why am I doing this? I will try to answer the question of my motivation next week. Expect a post on Wednesday, December 28th.